Bronze Annual Plan: End To End Testing (Every 4 Months, 3 Times Per Year)

Bronze Annual Plan: End To End Testing (Every 4 Months, 3 Times Per Year)


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Bronze Annual Plan: End To End Testing, We Will Continually Test Every 4 months, 3 Times Per Year.

1.Functional Smoke Testing Reports.

2. Load Testing Reports.

3. Security Testing Reports.

  • In Bronze Annual Plan, Functional Smoke Testing (also known as confidence testing, sanity testing, buildverification tests (BVT) and Build Acceptance Test) reveals short-comings and failures of the web-based application. A smoke test can answer a number of questions for you, including:

“will your program run smoothly? ”

“is there any user interface that will open up?”

“will the main button do anything after clicking it?”

Smoke testing’s primary purpose is to assess user experience, functionality, and defects that may drastically impact the application’s usability/features/intended performance. This will be helpful in determining the quality of the product.

  • Load Testing tests the speed, response, stability, and workload of the application by testing the application and its server. This procedure is carried out by examining the application closely and making assumptions regarding the traffic it can sustain. This test also demonstrates the application’s performance so problems and issues regarding growing traffic can be resolved proactively. The test also reveals insights that allow clients to assess whether hardware/software, modifications/upgrades are required.


  • Security Testing pinpoints security flaws in the current application’s structure. By identifying the weaknesses in coding, clients can improve their application’s security. Some of the many security concerns that the test reveals include blacklist links, level of security links, malware reports, spam reports, defacement reports, website updates, iframe lists, etc.


NEED FOR END TO END TESTING: A company’s website has become one of it’s most important features. Visitors come to a website to get a better understanding of a company’s services. However, if they face issues, such as functionality, security or load time while going through the website, they may lose interest in the quality and services of your product and skip your website without going any further. It has become vital to conduct an end-to-end test to ensure the website functions properly.

⚖️ FAIR SERVICES: Services at is affordable with a fair standard level (adjust). For many reasons (CWP WORLD, LLC), we are only providing products with a maximum fair labor hours (adjust). According to the fair labor estimate, we expect our labor to spend a fair number of hours to complete your order within the period estimated. This time is calculated from the day of purchase of your order. If we are unable to deliver, we guarantee to give you a full refund of your money. We are a company testing all your products based on the orders we received (Your oder will be start within 3 to 7 business days). We accept any refund request within 21 days of your order and we will give a full refund without any questions.

Duration of annual order process: From the date of your order, We will start test within 3 to 7 business days, after that we will continually test every 4 months until end of the annual plan. After every report, we will contact you and send your reports.

Do we offer support? Yes. We offer (Phone/WhatsApp) text/voice support for 1 year.