Best Advantage of Software Testing

Best Advantage of Software Testing

You finally started moving forward with your website, congratulations! That is great, you are making sales and progressing to the next stage of your business. However, a few weeks later, your website ranking starts to drop, and you start getting fewer views on your website. And you need Software Testing or web testing in such case.

How did this happen? You notice your website starts to perform worse and your sales come to a stop. Why is your web application failing you? Is your website still working as intended for your customers? You need help, and you need it now before you lose too much money. But who can help you with these issues?

CWP World can do Software Testing! We have three different affordable plans to help you with your website performance. But where do you start?

Three Different Plans:

Bronze Annual Plan

The bronze annual plan is a good starting point for your business. It offers confidence testing, or functional smoke testing reports. These allow them to find any shortcomings in your website and any other failures from your web-based application.

A confidence testing report can answer some questions for you, for example, “Will your program run well?” “Will the user interface open up?” “And will the main button do anything once it is clicked on?”. This report will assess the user experience, find any defects, and check the functionality of the application that may affect its features, usability, and performance. This test’s main purpose is to determine the quality of the product.

Other various features include load testing reports and security testing reports. Load testing reports allow you to find out the response time, speed, workload, and stability of your application and its server. 

CWP World will test your application for loading issues and find out if there are any performance problems or issues that may arise in regards to traffic. We load test by looking closely at your program and assuming how much traffic we think it could sustain. We then test this theory to see what the problem may be. We will then report any of the issues we have found. 

Security testing reports find any security issues in your current application’s structure. By finding any weakness in your coded program, this will allow you to improve your website’s security. It can also show issues like level of security links, malware reports, blacklist links, spam reports, website updates, defacement reports, iframe lists, and more.

You can requst examples of these three test reports [email protected]: Functional Smoke Testing Report, Load Testing Report, and Security Testing Report. The bronze plan only costs $299 for a year. This includes testing every four months three times a year.

Silver Annual Plan

The silver annual plan includes all of the functional smoke testing reports, load testing reports, and security testing reports. However, instead of being only four months three times a year, this plan costs $999 and is every month for a total of twelve times per year. This is a great plan for most businesses to get their website tested every month. This will reduce the chances of losing customers and allows your website to be continuously checked for any errors or security issues.

Gold Annual Plan

Our gold annual plan is the best choice for integrated websites. This plan includes the functional smoke testing reports, load testing reports, and security testing reports, but also includes the application’s integration being tested.

Integration testing means CWP World will test your application for any defects in the interfaces. This shows any issues or problems it may be having so you can make sure it gets fixed.

The gold plan only costs $1,299 a year which includes every month for 12 times a year. Because of the integration testing, the price goes up. If you do not feel like you need this testing, it is better to go with the silver plan.

Why Get Your Software Tested?

Now that you know about CWP World’s plans, you may be wondering, why Software Testing is compulsory, and why should you pay CWP World? Well if your website is doing any of these things, you may want your website tested. This includes:

• Slower loading website.

• Not compatible with all browsers.

• Font codes do not look formatted correctly.

• URLs lead to the wrong places.

• You get 404 errors.

• Your website is not showing up in Google’s search anymore.

• The search engines do not show your website correctly anymore.

• Your website has no visitors.

• When you get heavy traffic, your website fails to work properly.

• Your user credentials on your website fail to work.

• Your SSL certificate does not work.

• Outgoing and incoming links do not go to the right place.

And many more issues that your website is having may end up being a good reason to get your website tested so it can be fixed. This way you can get back up and running with minimal sales loss.

There are many good reasons for getting your software’s performance tested. Software Testing may include:

• Finding any issues with the security of your website, which protects you and your customers.

• Finding issues with any forms that are on your website to see if they function properly.

• Finding any issues with the cookies that get stored on other’s browsers.

• Checking your coding for any errors and getting them fixed.

• Finding problems with loading your website.

• Finding out how much traffic your program can handle. 

• Finding any defects with your website program.

And there are even more issues that can be found and fixed. CWP World is excellent at testing and finding the issues you are having with your website program, which then helps you to get it fixed faster. This can also help when you are using your website and you do not find any problems with it, but your customers and visitors have been giving you feedback that XYZ does not work.

This way, your website can be tested, and the issues can be found and fixed before it becomes a bigger problem. So, you will not end up losing sales or customers, and visitors will be more likely to buy from you.

Testing Your Website- 

There are various tests that need to be run on your website to ensure it works properly and is safe for its users and owner. When you pay for CWP World’s services these tests include the following items checked:

Functionality Testing: Functionality testing will test for the website’s functions in the web pages working properly, how the database is connected.

These are important things to check to make sure your website works as intended. If none of these things work right, it can break your whole website, which in turn will make you lose customers and money.

Performance Testing: Does your website perform as expected? What happens when multiple users access the same web page? Does the page slow down with its loading, or does the loading time stay the same? If there is a heavy load on your website, will it continue to function properly? 

These are important questions to factor into your website. If you get a heavy server load and your website ceases to function, it will upset your users and they will be not as likely to keep visiting you.

Security Testing: Security testing is a very important type of testing to have done. If your website does not pass security tests, it can be a risk to you and your users or customers. You do not want their information hacked along with yours. You want everyone to feel safe when they browse your website. You also want to find any vulnerabilities in your website while it is being used and get those fixed as soon as possible.

What You Need to Know

There are a few questions you might want to be answered while they are working on your website. These include the following:

• Is the website working correctly?

• Will the user find your website easy to browse?

• Can users use your website on any device?

• Is your website secured?

• Is your website performing properly?

These are just some of the questions you need to get answered from CWP World. If the answer is no to any of these questions, then you know you need to get your website fixed. Whether the developer or you need to correct the issues, you will know that in order to increase and not lose sales, you will have to get it fixed as soon as possible.

It is important to get your website tested or Software Testing by CWP World, so you know what is wrong (if anything) and what needs to get fixed to ensure the safety of your users and so you do not lose any customers or sales. We perform software and application testing services for your website. We provide reports that explain everything you need to know about how it works or how it is not working. This way you can fix any bugs or issues that end up being found and you can keep your website going strong. Check out CWP World, LLC as well today and get that website back up and running!